The complex trade and development is situated on 9208 m2 Satra area in the corner of Nguyen Hue and Le Loi, District 1 yellow location of Ho Chi Minh City, next to the beautiful boulevard planned, bearing the Characteristics of the city. Existing buildings is 3 floors Tax Department is known by most People in the city. Inheriting the Advantages and Characteristics of this building, the work is expected to Become a landmark of the city and Contribute to urban centers face.

New complex of buildings a 30-storey tower gồm and 40 floors of apartments and hotels, located on the fifth floor podium hoạt serve commercial area and a conference. To make more elegant tower blocks, the design of buildings in the form of two interlocking elliptical Different blocks with altitude, shock level down to the corner of Nguyen Hue and Le Loi, an urban landmark creating in this bustling city in the corner.

While the overall shape of the tower is kept simple, the more podiums Treated with Vibrant and exciting to create a relationship with coal the surrounding urban landscape. In the lower floors of the podium, with a sloping façade design Makes the building vivid and striking.

Shopping district has to be specific and easy access for pedestrians, with a large square on the ground floor for People to gather shopping. Landscape design has links with external inside street and pedestrian friendly, Especially on holidays khi streets with the air trying to upload of celebration welcomes.

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