Sun-city is a complex development in Hanoi, Vietnam, includes the tower block apartments for rent, apartments for sale, the retail trade, a primary school and a secondary school. The complex is expected to attract investment and bring big economic resources, and will be the first "urban" - green oasis offers all the essential services in life such as: live , learning, working, shopping, recreation and entertainment.

About shapes of the project, the tower block icons (Iconic tower) 60 stories high with a layout / organization separate apartments and downright unique: interlocking apartment - apartment set - connected to each other and the base households form duplexes - 2 floor apartment. This two-way layout plays a central role and other components merge into one unified whole. Southeast side of the tower has close links with the apartment tower blocks with their plot point format layout blocks. Northwest side serves as the perfect backdrop for one podium trade and aparthotel front. This idea is conveyed from the stunning backdrop of layer on layer of mountains from Halong Bay.

Commercial blocks and blocks of apartments are laid out according to an L shape, contribute to shaping the existence of road works along Nguyen Trai, trunk roads, the bustling commercial, bustling and new road projects is in the southwest.

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